It's Great to be 8!!

We have a birthday boy in our house today! 

Who is Joel? 

Joel is super silly .

If there's even a remote possibility of a quiet Hathaway, it would be him.

Joel is super observant - - both intellectually and emotionally.
He memorized all of the Presidents of the United States at the age of 6.  He can't remember them all right now but it was pretty amazing at the time!  He's just got that kind of a brain.

Joel is a super soccer star.

Joel is persistent - - he never gives up when achieving a goal.

Joel is content.  He doesn't like conflict and just likes to go at his own pace.

He is excited to get baptized and eager to start Cub Scouts!

Happy Birthday, Joel!


  1. When is his baptism? We'd love to go! Happy birthday, Joel! =)


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