ABC Book

Here is an excellent idea for any homeschool or summer project for kids.  I wish I knew about this idea while homeschooling because it would have made things so simple!

This is my 5th grader's homework every day.  It's an ABC book of people.  Basically, each week she needs to research and write a paragraph about a person whose name starts with the letter of the week.

Abraham Lincoln:  They did this as a class. The border around the outside must have 5 pictures of something that starts with the letter of the week.

That's it.  So simple.  But this one simple project is teaching her how to write a paragraph, how to research, how to pull pictures from the internet, how to organize her thoughts, and even how to review her own work. 

P.T. Barnum
 The best part is that my daughter enjoys it.  She told me, "When the school year ends I'm going to make a book about animals." 

Celine Dion:  A's favorite singer (like mother, like daughter!)
This could be used for science or historical events as well.  Even if you wanted it to be for math you could find a math concept (i.e. addition for A) or mathematicians (haven't gotten her to do a mathematician yet).

Eleanor Roosevelt (This one's for you Andrea!)

 I am just in awe of this project and wish I were homeschooling right now.  :-) 


  1. Good idea! It's like a whole book of mini reports. She'll always remember things about each person in there! Love it!

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  3. This is the coolest idea! I've saved it, but haven't figured out yet how to incorporate it.

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