He will Prepare the Way

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In Amos 3:7 we read, "The Lord doeth nothing save he revealeth His secrets unit his servant, the prophets."

In a way, through personal revelation we become prophets for ourselves and our families and are entitled to knowing what is to be before it happens.  Just as we can watch the signs of the times and know that the second coming is nigh, we can also watch for personal signals.  Elder Bednar stated, "We...are blessed by spiritual early warning signals as a source of protection and direction in our lives (CR April 2010)."

Similarly, M. Catherine Thomas attests that "...small and great truths can leak through from the other world....many have picked up on these signals and thus might know even years in advance...great revelations (Light in the Wilderness, pp.43-44).

This principles of personal revelation his me as I connected it with D&C 38:30 which tells us, "If ye are prepared ye shall not fear."  How do we know for what to prepare?  Because He will tell us what is to happen before it happens.  We know there are to tumultuous times in the last days.  He has also revealed to us how to prepare for those times, as a church and as a family.  I believe this can be done so individually as well.  We can know how to conduct our lives because He can reveal unto us what we are preparing for.  

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With this same thought in mind we are also told that there will be no trial given that we cannot bear.  WHY? Because He warns us of what is to come (good and bad) so we could prepare and then He gives us the time to prepare.  We just need to be aware and listening for those signals.  Our paths are charted for us.  "...all things are governed by that wisdom which flows from God, and all things are right and calculated to promote every person's eternal welfare (John Taylor, Light in the Wilderness p. 27)."

Once we know these principles to be true and start recognizing His hand in all things we can then "submit cheerfully" all things to Him, knowing He is guiding our paths and preparing the way.  Then, through personal revelation, patience and faith in His Atonement we the Lord will strengthen us so that our burdens may be light (see Mosiah 23:21 and 24:15).

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