National Family Week AND National Games & Puzzles Week

Happy Week of 

I LOVE this week because for me it's all about FAMILY.  Growing up we didn't live near any of our extended family so there were very few occasions to celebrate with them.  So, my Thanksgiving memories really are of just my immediate family - - mom, dad, brothers and sisters - - gathering around the table.

 My mom is the EXPERT of Thanksgiving dinner!  A natural nurturer, my mom cooks this meal to perfection.  And I get to have her here this week!  I'm so excited.  I remember a perfect a warm kitchen with Christmas music playing in the background, a fire in our wood stove burning (thanks, Dad!), and the smells and tastes of delicious food all around us.  I love those memories.  I think these were some of the happiest moments from childhood. 

This week I plan on just being present with my family.  I plan on getting some stories of my parents' lives in writing.  I plan on letting go of normal, every day cares and just being with those around me!  And I plan on playing lots of games (one of our favorite things to do as a family). Here are some of our most recent favorites:

ALL Sequence games are great...
States and Capitals, Numbers and Letters


  1. How fun to have your parents there!
    Enjoy your fun week!


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