Buttons Day

Botton Day is coming up!  I love buttons!  But I've never done anything with them really.  Sure I use them on cards or for clothes...but there are some fun ideas out there for buttons!

First off, since it is Veterens Day today I think a button flag would be appropriate to make.  Just get red, white and blue buttons.  Glue them into a flag shape.  Easy.


We LOVE the Pete the Cat books!  So fun.   Have the children write a song about something they really love as an activity to go along with this book.

Great book about problem-solving!  Have the kids write what their solution would be to finding replacement buttons for Daddy's britches.

A great adaptation to Stone Soup!  Talk about how each member of the family has something to add to make the home feel delicious.

For older children try The Mystery of the Traveling Button by Elspeth Campbell Murphy

Social Studies

How to Keep People from Pushing your Buttons by Albert Ellis
What does the phrase mean, "Stop pushing my buttons?"  If anyone knows where this phrase originated, I'd sure love to know.  I searched, but found nothing.  Still, it's a great discussion topic with kids to figure out what pushing buttons means and how we can control our own buttons (on both sides of the coin).

Belly Buttons!! Why do we have belly buttons?  Great time to discuss how babies are made and how they survive in Mommy's belly.  This article, probably more interesting for adults than kids, I thought had some fascinating food for thought.

Create a graph with buttons.  How many blue?  How many red?  My kindergartner is loving graphs right now, so this will be perfect for us this week.
Count and compare the number of buttons on each person's clothing in the house, neighborhood or classroom.  What has the most or the least?

Read about the history of the button and explain it to your children.  What would life be like if we didn't have buttons?  What could be used instead of buttons?

More Just for Fun!

I thought this was a cute idea and easy for kids to make to hang in their rooms.  

Right now we're working on teaching my 2 year old his colors and E is learning the colors in Spanish.  So, this would be a perfectly fun activity to do with colors.

This artwork is perfect, I think, for this time of year.  Fall colors are in season.  :-)


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