What do you Know about Jesus?

Last week was my first sharing time in Primary (yes, I am now working with the little guys at church and it is so much fun!).  I will say it was much different preparing a 15 minute primary lesson after teaching gospel doctrine for two years!  Let's just say I had to pare it down a little.  :-)

Anyway, we were discussing testimonies.  I first started by reading Alma chapter 32.  Each time I read the word "seed" the kids were to stand up or sit down.  Then, I held up pictures of the main subjects of a testimony and asked the kids, "What do you know about....?"

While teaching Junior Primary, when I held up a picture of Joseph Smith there were a few answers.  Again this happened with the pictures of the church building, and the Book of Mormon and President Monson.  But when I held up a picture of Jesus and asked, "What do you know about Him?"  My heart just burst as every single one of those little hands shot up into the air, each child eager to tell what they knew about Jesus.

My testimony was strengthened that day.  My desire to share what I know about Jesus increased.

So, what do you know about Jesus?

Are we are eager to share as these little ones?


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