Family Pictures

We had the best photographer take our pictures this year.  She's just a friend of mine who wanted to practice...and we wanted it was a win-win for everyone.  The thing I liked about her was she was so "in the moment."  If she saw the kids doing something she'd say, "Oh, let's use that!"  And she was taking pictures constantly so there are a lot of "real" pictures rather than just the posed "perfect family" shots. Here's a glimpse...

 I love that in these two pictures (above and below) the kids have some secret going on while the parents are completely oblivious.  Makes me wonder how many secrets they really hold!

 Look at that hair!  J. insisted we don't cut it until after the pictures  (it was gone the very next day!). 
 "What did we get ourselves into?" 
 Despite sickness, this girl was a superstar!

The skies the limit with Brooklynn!

 Chasing after little D...this was a common occurance the whole time!
But these really were some of my favorite from the whole day...My children gathered around me on a bench in front of a used book store.  Priceless!

Bored, Addie? 

"You had me at hello."  Love this bookstore shot!!

Can't believe he'll be 14 next week!!!

 More secrets...Which I'm sure the girls have so many more than I'll ever know!

 So G.Q. 
Our photographer captured him perfectly...the shy shoulder shrug, silly grin and adorable dimples!

 "What kind of family was I born into anyway," says David.

And they lived happily ever after.  


  1. Those are really great photos. I love them! Such a cute family. My kids still ask when our next visit will be.


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