Eastern Trip: And so it Begins!

I can't believe  this is finally happening!  We are off on an adventure we've been anticipating for years.  We rented an RV and will be heading across the country for a church and US history tour.  My goal is to post every day along the way, but we'll see how it goes!  (Pictures may need to be added later?)

DAY 1:  All day travel to Colorado

J. drove up in the RV late last night and we all began loading it up!  Nobody wanted to go to bed we were all so excited to get on our way.  We  woke up early this morning to finish up the packing and then enthusiastically jumped in our temporary "home."

It only took the two younger boys a few hours to realize just what it meant to be without television, video games, and running outside! Ethan told me a couple of times, "I don't think I can do this for three weeks!"  And at the end of the day,  David responded, "This was only ONE DAY, Mom.  This was a long day!"  I smiled at their statements, thinking about what a great brain detox this is going to be for them!

David did invent his own game.  He calls is "Lava Lines."  He watched for tar lines crossing the road and would jump "over" them.  He even gave himself three lives.  So, no need for video games when you have them in your head!

Overall, day one was a success as we all adjusted and became comfortable with our new environment.

DAY 2:   McMillans

We got to stay with our friends the McMillans last night and spent the day with them today. Damon and I were friends in high school.  He has such a lovely family!  It was so wonderful!  Our kids got along great and our adult conversations were lively and refreshing!

One precious moment from today:  I glanced down the aisle at church and saw Addie and Ethan laughing together.  Normally that would receive a reprimand from me in sacrament meeting, but with those two it was a tender moment I didn't want to interrupt.  Family bonding has already begun!  ;-)

So, maybe not too eventful yet.  Hopefully I can figure out pictures soon and most future posts will be more pictures and less words.  BUT - so far so good!



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