Eastern Trip: A Day of Driving

Today was a LONG day of driving.  Unfortunately, we had to stop for an hour or so to get our tire fixed.

I thought I would  take a minute to talk about RV living.

First off, it is awesome!! I am completely amazed at how much fun my kids are having on this adventure.   I am grateful for the chances I have to just lay down and take a nap with the baby.  It has been way fun to travel this way.

Some things I've learned:
It's louder than I expected.  So I had dreams of reading aloud to the kids and playing lots of games and stuff.  However it's loud and shaky making both things hard.  We do play card games and we've done a lot of personal reading.  I brought activity books for the kids to work on and we've watched an occasional movie.  David is really the only one who gets a little stir crazy.  ;-)

Food!!  I'm so glad I didn't plan elaborate meals.  We stocked up on some snacks, cereal for breakfast and sandwich stuff for lunches.  That has been enough!  Some nights we've stopped for cheap dinners.  And we just went to the store the other day and stocked up on some more cheap dinner stuff.  For example: burritos, pulled pork sandwiches, and salad fixings.  We haven't gone hungry, that's for sure.  It has been very relaxing!

I also wish I'd had the kids reading more American history stuff before we left (like the first six weeks of summer).  I saved a lot of reading for the trip but realize now that we don't have that much time to read all I want them to (or I want to for myself!) in between each place.  But, I remind myself that's not the most important part of the trip.  I am just loving their time together, forced interaction! And, so far so good.

Tomorrow:  Getttysburg!


  1. This has been so fun to follow along with you on your adventure! What great memories your kids will have!


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