Eastern Trip: Nauvoo (2 days)

We slept in! It felt great to stop and know we had a couple of days in one spot.

Here we split up. We had John, Brooklynn, Addie and Joel head out to explore the city themselves (mostly because I needed a break from all of them together). J and I headed to a grocery store worth the little boys (because we forgot to find a place along the way). We all met up again for lunch and then separated again for more exploring.  Met again for dinner. Then, off to the fairgrounds for pioneer games and another pageant. Again, we rolled into bed exhausted!

Sunday we slept in again (bad night with the baby!), making it to the 1:00 sacrament meeting. 
After church we met up with our friends and visited Carthage Jail with them.  David was fascinated by the bullet hole in the door. I was saddened to hear they had removed the bloodstained boards due to complaints by others that it was too graphic. I guess it makes sense, but I was still a bit disappointed. Still, the visit was a perfect Sabbath day activity.

We enjoyed dinner in the park with our friends then walked the Trail of Hope. The boys had s chance to dip their toes in the Mississippi River and skipped s few rocks.

The night ended with one more show, "Our Story Goes On." It's s musical production using story and Broadway songs to depict the plan of salvation. We got to bed a little earlier tonight to prepare for a long drive tomorrow.


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