Eastern Trip: Independence & Liberty

Today we bid our family farewell and embarked on the rest of our journey.  Late nights with the cousins led to us all taking naps during the three-hour drive to Independence, Missouri (all but J, of course).

First stop: Community of Christ Temple

We made it just in time to catch the final tour of the day. It was fascinating to learn how their history overlaps with our Church's history. They have some artifacts of interest to us, like the original door of the Liberty Jail.

David had the privilege of blowing out the candle in the temple. 
I really liked this monument/fountain inside the Community of Christ temple.  

Afterwards we went to the LDS Independence Visitor's Center. A hungry baby kept me from continuing the tour there, but the kids shared what they learned. Thanks to some great primary teachers, Ethan was able to share his "favorite church history story" of the girls who saved the manuscripts of the Book of Mormon.

Brooklynn observed the fact that while the Community of Christ tour was interesting, the guide never bore testimony like the missionaries at the Visitors Center. And John said he felt the temple tour was "more stressful."

We ended our day with a tour of Liberty Jail. My camera died before I could get any pictures of inside. I love Liberty Jail and all it signifies.  We can endure hardship and still rely fully on the Savior for strength and light! 


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