Eastern Trip: Far West, Adam-Ondi-Ahman, Haun's Mill

 This was a "drive and see" day as we headed to Nauvoo.

Far West

Far West was our first site (about an hour drive from Independence). I was completely impressed by the serenity of that place. I truly felt were in sacred ground. We spent about half an hour here.


We then drove an hour to Adam-ondi-ahman. This is where we believe Adam gathered his children to teach them just before he died. Again, the feelings of peace and serenity pervaded the area. We took a minute to listen to the hymn, "Adam-ondi-ahman."  We spent a good hour here.

Haun's Mill

And then we drove another hour and found the land where Hain's Mill used to be. This is basically just a place in the woods in the middle of nowhere with not much to see. Still, we took a few minutes to walk around and "feel" the area.

On the Road Again
Then, off to Nauvoo! We pulled into Nauvoo State Park around 7:30 and made our way to the fairgrounds for the British Nauvoo Pageant. It was so good! Beforehand we had a minute to say hi to our dear Rexburg friends, the Zengers. We rolled into bed about midnight, exhausted from our travels.


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