Eastern Trip: Family Reunion

Day 3: Travel to Wichita

We were all very tired today!  It worried me that we still have three weeks to go!  However, in the afternoon we all took naps (one perk of traveling in an RV).  So, when we got to my brother's house in Wichita we were refreshed and ready to party!

Being one of the last to arrive we had quite the welcoming committee!  Mostly they just wanted to see the baby and the RV, but it was so fun to see everyone nonetheless.  We arrived just in time for a grilled steak dinner.  And of course, the boys made their way straight to the pool and the teens gravitated toward the ball courts and visiting time.

For Family Night we listened to stories from Grandma and Grandpa's life and shared our infamous Pack family story for the grandkids.  The highlight of the day was getting in the car with just my siblings to go pick up Christine and her daughter at the airport. Reminiscing the whole way there and back, we laughed hard as we sang to Olivia Newton John (our mom raised us well!).


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