Eastern Trip: Kirtland

Today was rough.

It started with the discovery that we left the stroller in the parking lot at Niagra Falls. I cried all the way to Kirtland...signifying that I am a pretty sleep deprived mama. :( The stroller has been a lifesaver on this trip. Normally very expensive, we found it cheap on the Rexburg yard sale site. Best stroller I've ever owned. Still, I must have been really tired to get that distraught over it's loss.

Then, while the others toured the Kirtland Temple, I took the boys to a playground nearby. After a bit of playing Ethan announced that David had pooped his pants. What!?!? So, I had to deal with that (remember I'm still tired!).

Notice how spread out we all are.  Looks like we all needed a little bit of space today!  ;-)
Once the family was all together again we had a lovely time visiting the other church sites of Kirtland. It was the best your yet, with the best sister missionaries as our guides.

We saw the only ashery on the continent.

The sawmill.

Whitney store and home. 

I loved hearing the Whitney's conversion story. It is a beautiful lesson on personal revelation and I was extremely touched by their faith.

One of my favorite parts about this trip has been seeing all the different missionaries.  These two were the best as they tailored the tour to our family.  I am just inspired by these young women who have taken time out of their lives to serve the Lord! 

After the tour we headed toward Chicago. Only, we took a little detour to some outlet malls in Cleveland. We basically spent the rest of the afternoon there!  This put us a not behind schedule, but apparently we're all ready to be home because we unanimously voted to skip Chicago!

And as one final blunder of the day, we pulled into Walmart in Toledo at about 10:30pm only to realize there's no overnight parking there. So, we searched for another location. Fortunately, another Walmart not too far away was okay.

So, this sleepy family survived one more day. Tomorrow will just be a driving day as we continue our way home.


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