Eastern Trip: Philadelphia

We are now entering the places where I've never been, which is exciting for me. I have to say, Philadelphia wasn't as thrilling as I'd hoped. It really is a cool city. I think most of our lack of enthusiasm was just that we'd reached our halfway point of the trip and were totally exhausted. However, we still made the best of it and saw some cool stuff.

First stop: Liberty Bell

We then took the Independence Hall tour. This was very awesome to see. It was fun to imagine our forefathers founding our nation in those very rooms!

After that we basically just walked around the city for a few hours.

Carpenter's Hall:  a place for the builders of the city.
It also housed some of Benjamin Franklin's inventions, library and a couple of banks.

Nothing like making a stop for Slurpees in Philadelphia!  It was hot...and we haven't really seen a 7-11 since leaving Richland. (The things we get excited about...)

Elfreth's Alley, the oldest residential neighborhood in America.  This made me think of Johnny Tremain for some reason. 

Where Benjamin Franklin's house used to be.  I loved how the rooms were marked by plaques!  

Taking a break! 

Can't go to Philly without getting cheesesteaks at Reading Terminal Market.

And again...the things we get excited about...Clothing stores! 

We ended the night driving to a Walmart parking lot, the closest one we could find to New York City. It was kind of sketchy place, but we made it through the night.


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