Eastern Trip: Palmyra

We're in Palmyra for the next couple of days.  It is so beautiful here!

We're staying at a KOA near Palmyra for a couple of nights. After our last few days of  "get up and go," we decided to take things slow this morning. We slept in, did laundry and let the kids explore the camp.

We then headed to the Peter Whitmer farm. I failed to research the location of this site; we could have seen it last night on our way up.

It was worth the drive to see where the organization of the Church began! It amazes me that from such humble beginnings the Lord's church has grown to what it is today.

On our way back to Palmyra J saw a cheese farm and just had to stop for a little cheese tasting.

Hill Cumorah was our next stop. Upper State New York is just so beautiful. Hill Cumorah is no exception.  

I loved hiking the trail on the hill and imagining Joseph Smith finding the golden plates.

We then made our way to the Grandin Building, stopping for a quick dinner beforehand. We had already seen a couple of printing presses in Nauvoo and Philadelphia, so our interest was a little lacking here. The tour was 45 minutes long! Still, it was neat to see where the Book of Mormon was printed. Such a long, tedious process to print just one! And they printed 5,000 copies! Unbelievable!

A stop at the Martin Harris Farm on the way to the Sacred Grove
When we finished the tour it was pouring outside! This interrupted our plans to go to the Sacred Grove. Well, it didn't stop J still. He was determined to go tonight, so he wandered the grove in the rain and came back soaked...but happy. :)

We stopped at Walmart on the way back to camp and spent the night playing games and eating ice cream.


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