Eastern Trip: Priesthood Restoration Site

 Today was a beautiful and special day as we visited the Priesthood Restoration Site. 

We attended church with the small Susquehanna Branch that meets at the priesthood restoration site. Such sweet and strong saints! The kids experienced what it's like being almost the only youth in a ward. Half of Relief Society was made up of sister missionaries. I just loved the whole experience!

After having lunch in the RV, we toured the visitor's center. This was the coolest visitor's center we've been to. Each display was hands-on and interactive. Loved it!

Isaac & Elizabeth Hale home.  This is where Emma Hale Smith grew up and where she met Joseph. 

Joseph & Emma's Home. 

After watching the video there we took a tour of the Hale home and Joseph & Emma's first home. I could just imagine them all walking down the lanes. There was such a beautiful spirit here.

Up the lane was the cemetery in which Joseph buried their first infant child. Isaac and Elizabeth Hale are also buried here.

We also visited what is likely the location where John the Baptist camera from heaven to bestow the Aaronic priesthood to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery. 

Last we drove to the part of the Susquehanna River wherein Joseph and Oliver baptized one another. Oh, the joy and peace felt in this location was palpable. To think this was where the path of covenant making began in this dispensation. It was a precious opportunity to reflect on my own covenants made with the Lord.

After some time here we piled back in the RV.  Most of us fell asleep on the 3-hour drive to our campsite near Palmyra. The last few days were exhausting! It was so wonderful to slow down again and feel the peace of this Sabbath Day. 


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