Bill Cosby Tonight!

It's true!  For my birthday this year my hubby got me tickets to see Bill Cosby!

I'm sure I am not the only one out there raised on The Cosby Show.  To this day I still like to watch episodes for great parenting advice.  Like the time Vanessa got "caught" playing a game with bourbon and came home drunk.  Her older sister tried to hide it, but parents do have a way of finding these things out.  So as "punishment" instead of a lecture the parents decided to "play the game" with Vanessa  (secretly with apple juice instead of bourbon). 

Yes, I would love to be such a parent.  Maybe I would be if I had a script to follow!  :-)  It doesn't hurt to have role models, though, fake or real.  :-)

So, tonight I will hopefully be laughing and enjoying a childhood idol.

Hope your weekend is just as fun!


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