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Baptism,Becoming as a child and Discipleship of Christ were the themes I picked up during General Conference this time around. Maybe it's because I've seen this same theme running throughout the Book of Mormon as I've read and studied this year.  Maybe it's because that's just the message I needed to hear.  :-)  Either way, this theme gave me something to focus on for the next six months. 

I like to ask myself after General Conference, "How am I going to change my life based on what I just heard?"  Well, Becoming Christlike is a large bite to swallow, much more easily said than done. And so I picked out two characteristics or actions on which I need to improve during my journey of discipleship. 

 One of the most frequent comments I get as a homeschooler is, "Oh, I am just not patient enough to do that."  Really?  Ask my kids how patient I really am!  :-)  I like Elder Maxwell's antonyms for patient:  "hectic, hurried or pushy."  From Elder Bednar we were reminded this conference that to fill our lamps with the oil of conversion we must add one drop at a time, persistently and patiently, line upon line.  It's too easy for me to think, "I know it so I must be able to it."  And then I mess up.  I need to be patient with myself. 

Also, as a mother I want things done now.When I say, "do that" I expect my kids to jump.  Right then.  I think this is a bit of a silly expectation.  Yes, they could learn respect and to obey quickly...but not because I am feeling "hectic" or "hurried."  So, yeah, need more patience.

 My goal:  More meaningful prayers.  This was also a recurring theme I gleaned from Education Week in August.  The idea that our prayers can and must become more meaningful.  I'm good at saying the quick prayers in the shower, in the car, while I'm cooking in the kitchen.  Yeah, carrying a prayer in my heart comes naturally to me.  And yet, looking back and recognizing the times I have honestly communicated with my Father in Heaven rather than just saying, "Yeah, I know you're there, so help me please,"  there is a difference.  A difference in how I act afterwards on what I said or asked for in my prayers.  A difference in the feelings and emotions that I express during that private moment.  Truly speaking with and expecting answers takes us to just one more level of spiritual mindedness, one more step to true discipleship.

So, yeah...that's what I think I'm going to work on for the next six months.

How about you?


  1. I'm pretty sure I said that patience thing to you when I found out that you home school. ;) You ARE really very good with your kids.
    Great goals. I'll make some after I reread the talks. I seem to get more from it when I read them again (hearing their voice in my head.)


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