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I know my posts have been sparse the week.  I have so much to share...women's retreat, Mentoring Mothers, more great books to share!  However, this week has been a bit of whirlwind as I've tried to prepare for yet another weekend away.  My grandmother, Lucille Evans Pack, passed away this last Tuesday and so I am heading to her Mermorial this weekend.  Just me.  So, I've been trying to get things done here at home so I can leave with as little chaos as I can.  :- )

Grandma with David 2011
My grandma was/is such a sweet, sweet lady.  All I remember of my grandma are sweet smiles, lots of laughter, and just a positive feeling all around.  We didn't grow up near her and so my memories consist of our few visits down to St George as a child.  I remember playing Concentration at her house many times (I think it's still there in her home!).  My sister and I were always giddy to choose which cute plate set we'd use at Grandma's;   Raggedy Ann and Andy was the one I remember.  Most of all I just remember the peace that I felt in her home.  

The great blessing for me and my family is that we were able to be there to visit her just a year ago this week.  I had kept saying year after year, "We need to go see Grandma."  Now I see that had we pushed it off one more year, we would have been too late.  The kids just remember her laughing a lot.  She went out of this life happy.  :-)

Death is always such a bittersweet experience.   This was definitely her time.  I want to say she just turned 99 this last month (but it might just be 98).  And she's been alone for nearly 20 years.  I can just imagine the sweet reunion she had with my grandpa after being separated for so long.   Her joy for life will be felt for generations. 


  1. So hard to say goodbye. Glad you have so many good memories of a life well lived! Enjoy your trip alone. =)

  2. I am sure sorry Julia, but I am glad you made that trek last year so your kids could get to know her.


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