Cemetery School

When I was in high school and attending early morning seminary, I laughed when a non-LDS friend of mine said, "What?  You go to the cemetery every morning?" 

Well, now my kids can say, "Yes.  We go to the cemetery for school!"

One day this week we will have what I like to call "Cemetery School." 

Math:  Using subtraction, have the kids figure out how old the person was when they died.

Reading:  Find a name that starts with each letter of the alphabet (first or last).  Good luck with X!

We also like to read a story of some sort...something about cemeteries or Halloween.  Tomorrow I will share this year's book (be ready, it's becoming a classic at our house!).

Science:  Okay.  This was a fascinating science fair project I stumbled upon.  If you don't do it yourself, it's at least really cool to read and tell your kids about.

Writing:  Draw a picture of your own tombstone.  Write your own epitaph for your grave.  

History:  Find the grave of a veteran.  What war did he/she fight in?  Did he die during the war or after?  Take a minute to discuss the circumstances surrounding the time period in which he/she would have fought.

Art:   Tombstone Rubbings:  Place a sheet of paper over the grave stone.  Using the long side of a crayon (peeled), rub along the tombstone and see the picture show through.

FUN:  Have a picnic lunch with Tombstone pizza!  :-)   

Play the backyard game:  Ghosts in the Graveyard (if possible in the daylight)


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