Being a Kid Again

Is there something you like to do but think you are too old to do?

I do.

The parking lot at my favorite grocery store is on a slope.  And so every time I go shopping there I just have to ride the cart down the hill to my car.  I jump on the back and coast.

Just this weekend I was waiting in line to ride on a large waterslide and couldn't help but think (surrounded by all the kids and teenagers), "I'm much too old for this."  But going down the slide, it sure was fun to pretend I was as young as I once was.

I still love to swing on the playground swings (though too much makes me nauseous, reminding me I am getting older).

Last week I played Capture the Flag with my kids.  Next I want to play Kick the Can to bring back even more childhood memories.

I just think there's always going to be a part of me, and maybe all of us, that doesn't want to grow up.  I think that's one thing I love about being a mom...Seeing childhood for a second time, only this time through the eyes of my own little ones and running along side them at least some steps of the way.  :-)


  1. So my sister told me a story once about an old woman. Throughout her life, this woman would save 30 minutes each year in a box. As she grew older, she would take out 30 minutes when she was little girl and be young again. For 30 minutes she would be 5 again,or 6, or 8. Eventually the old woman died. As her family was going through her things, they came across the box where she stored her 30 minutes of being young. Inside was one last 30 minutes from her childhood from when she was age 4. The old women's family released the 30 minutes for everyone to enjoy. So if you ever get the urge to run around barefoot or sit and color, it's probably the old woman's 30 minutes of when she was 4.

    (The actual story was probably better but you get the idea.)


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