I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my best friend today!!  I can't wait and I can't believe it all at the same time.  My friend, Kelly, and I met LONG ago... almost 20 years, I guess (that's weird to say!!).  She and I met at Stake Girl's Camp in California.  Just imagine putting an all-too-talkative teenager with a more reserved, quiet teenager... a perfect match (I'll let you guess which is which!).   :-)  Since then, she has found her voice and I have...well, I haven't changed.  But it all still seems to work!  And even better, our husbands and kids love each other, too!!  :-)

In our youth we started writing letters back and forth...through high school...through college...through early today!  We started with snail mail and have evolved through emails and now keep our own private blog writing posts back and forth to one another...almost daily!  When I mentioned this to a local friend she asked, "What do you say to each other?" 

The real question is, What do we NOT say to each other.  From sleepless babies, to picky eaters, to what we're reading, to homeschooling ups and downs, to getting older ourselves . . . the list is endless! 

These are our husbands...???  Sadly, I could not find a picture of Kelly and I anywhere in my files.  So, that will be my goal while she's visiting this weekend!
Women need friends.  Dr. Leonard Sax has mentioned that times have changed.  We no longer have the visits across the back fences as we hang up our laundry to dry!  Women need women, it's an emotional stability of sorts.  I can attest to that as I've not only had Kelly in my life, but numerous friends to whom I can confide on many different levels.  For this I am eternally grateful!


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