What to do with Three Less Kids?!?!

Today I was home practically alone!  Well, it was so quiet, it felt like it.

It was "Take Your Kids to Work Day" and at my hubby's workplace they have all sorts of cool events for the kids to do.  So,  he got to have all the mayhem of the older kids while I entertained and appeased the little guys. 

I did find myself asking inwardly, "Now what do I do?" after awhile.  Yes, I could have cleaned my house more, folded socks, etc..etc.. but who wants to do that when they're childless? 

I did connect with a dear friend over lunch (Applebee's Carside To Go...my new favorite thing to do for a treat).  She and I seriously haven't stopped to sit and chat since getting pregnant with our most recent babies!  Crazy!   So, it was good to visit.  The rest of the time it was just be with my boys and do some planning.

And you know, it's nice to have these moments, to take time to evaluate what's really going on with your time.  What would YOU do with an extra hour without kids, family, life, busyness, plans, schedules, etc?  It's a thought worth pondering. 

Today was a good day.


  1. I would craft or nap or read a book or go to Kohl's. =)

    You'll be plenty busy tomorrow morning! See you then (for a minute).


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