The last two days I've had the opportunity to go hiking...the same mountain.  It takes about an hour up and down...unless you're with kids.  :-)

It's interesting to contrast the two experiences. 

Tuesday a friend in need of some emotional support called to see if I'd hike with her.  Gladly!  And the weather has been so lovely, making it all the more enjoyable.  We talked about much-needed items of motherhood and wifehood business and then went on with our days, both feeling uplifted and ready to take on the challenges of the day.

Yesterday...with four 12 year old boys and my own passle of children (minus the two youngest, thank goodness), we trekked the mountain again.  This time the discussion was on The Hobbit and the wisdom we gleaned from that excellent book. 

Both experiences, however, gave me the same sense of gratitude for two things.  1) The Lord's creations, the newness of spring, and the joy that sunshine brings!  2) Friendship.  For my kids and for myself.  We all need it!  I thrive on it!  Having good friends has been a great blessing in my life.

And, as always, when hiking a mountain I think about hiking the metaphorical mountains in my life.  As was quoted in The Hobbit, "This is your expedition.  Just think of the treasure at the end."  Recognizing the blessings from the Lord and appreciating the friendships around us makes these mountains so much easier to climb!


  1. I think I should try this hike again. Maybe in May?
    My favorite part of "The Hobbit" is still when Galdolph tells them not to leave the path because there are dangerous things out there and the path is safe. =)
    See you tomorrow! I'm so excited and Vincent is too!


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