Saying Good-Bye

How can we say good bye to this!?  I wish I knew how and had the time to make an inspiriation YouTube video about how this woman has influenced me over the past few years...but I can't.  :-)

I have to admit that I cried when Sister Julie B. Beck was released on Saturday.  Every word she has spoken has touched my heart and enlivened me to become better.  Julie Beck speaks in boldness and accomplished many great things while in service.

I know Sister Burton has been called now to do things with this work that no other woman could at this time.  I will simply mourn for a little while and then move forward again.  :-) 

Thank you, Sister Beck.  You will be missed!


  1. I can hardly wait to get to know the new ladies. They are always such wonderful people!

  2. DIDO..... about your post....... even about the crying!!

  3. Love her. Thanks for sharing this. We're sometimes a little out of touch in China. :)


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