My kids at their best!  :-)  

I needed to read this post today.


Because we will not be homeschooling next year.

It's true.  Our kids will be entering public school next year.  After the initial mourning period,  I'm finally excited and ready to embrace this huge change in our lives.

When we told the kids about our thoughts, J. asked if there were any questions.  Addie raised her hands and asked, "Can we still have a read aloud book."

Of course!  It was a great opportunity to remind them why we started homeschooling in the first place.  Yes, I wanted more time with them, but the ultimate answer was that this decision (to homeschool) would bring our family closer together.  That has happened.  That will not change.

Sure, we'll need to work harder on certain sibling relationships, but for the most part our family culture has already been established.  Our activities may look different next year, but the feeling in our home will remain the same.

Thus, this post was timely because I've been planning and thinking and pondering on how to keep the homeschool feel in our home while public schooling.  Setting the tone, the environment will be huge.  I like the reminder (and the permission) to not give them more structured classes after school.  Having less time with my children will be hard at first, but I know when they come home they will be mine and we can make the best of that time!

I believe it is by divine design that the role of motherhood emphasizes the nurturing and teaching of the next generation. - - Elder L. Tom Perry


  1. I've always thought of it that way and the same goes for church. It's not just a send them there and hope they learn everything they need to know and don't worry about it (especially with church!) It's a talk with them and learn what they are interested in and what they have questions about that helps the most.
    What a difference that will make in your days though!
    Love that picture of your kids. =)

  2. I'd love to hear more about your "mourning" period and the thoughts you're having as you consider this transition. Aubree will be attending public school in the fall as well, and I experience a range of emotions and thoughts depending on the moment. Part of me feels like a traitor to the homeschooling community. Part of me is super excited for the opportunities she'll get. Part of me is sick about the time she'll be away. Part of me is relieved that someone else will be doing the lion's share of academic teaching. Part of me worries about gaps she might have or ways she's unprepared for the public school setting.
    How about you??

  3. One thing I'm learning is that I've always believed mothers are the primary educators of their children...home or public!

    Erin - - I just sent you a LONG email. We'll have to chat sometime. :-) But yes...all of those emotions x10 is where I am right now with all of this. 8 years of homeschooling is a long time, a hard habit to break! :-)


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