What I learned from Sister Monson

When I searched online for a picture of Sister Monson, 95% of the photos I found she was with her husband.  

This is what I learned from Sister Monson.  

She said, "I am married the best man in the whole world."  

I personally, beg to differ.  :-) 

But the questions in my mind after watching Sister Monson's funeral services were, "Do I love, support and compliment my husband the way this woman did?  What can I do to better fulfill my role as a wife?"

What loneliness President Monson must feel at this time.  My heart goes to him and his family.  

Because of this lovely woman, today I am determined to be the wife my husband longs to be with and come home to.  The wife who compliments my husband in all he does.  The wife who supports and strengthens him in his tasks as the provider and head of our home.  This is something I need to work on, someone I will strive more to become.  

Thank you, Sister Monson, for the sweet reminder in the life you led.  


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