Oh What do you Do in the Summertime?

How do you spend your summers?

I just read this post  and really liked her way of thinking.  I usually keep school going through the summer, but this year I'm really not excited about that prospect.  I just want to do lots of fun stuff with the kids.  Part of it is their ages....no babies or pregnancy, mostly self-sufficient, mostly all potty trained, etc.  We can just do more stuff this year than I've been able to in the past.

Another reason is because we now have "real school" coming at the end of the summer months.  So, I want them to "leave wanting more," so to speak.  :-)

And, for myself, I really am tired of thinking about math, reading and writing!  I want to think about the FUN STUFF more.  :-)

From the link I particularly liked the Daily Adventures.  I was already thinking of designating a different type of activity per day, but her list helped me think outside the box.  For example, "Thinking Thursdays" and the idea of researching a topic together is intriguing.  We've done this for years with our family learning time topics, but this time it will be totally child-led rather than "Mom's lesson plan."

Which also can be applied with the Bucket List of activities to do throughout the summer.

I'm a really, really structured person!  I want to be more spontaneous this summer.  I want to be flexible and not so in control of everything. As a mom I'd like to be better at truly listening to the opinions of my children, letting them know that I value their ideas! Sometimes as parents we tend to think we know better!  Which, yes, we do have more experience under our belts.  But if it's not a significant matter or if our kids have dreams and goals, I'd rather support than shoot them down! What better time for practicing that than summer when life is much less structured (if we allow it to be) and the pressure is off?

So, that is my summer goal:  to be a more spontaneous and listening mother.


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