National Backyard Games Week

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I could tell story after story of all the fun outdoor games we played as children. 

My favorite:  Capture the the DARK!  Kids don't play that in the dark these days, have you noticed?  I just don't see how that can be!

I remember the endless hours of that game at my childhood home.  I remember sneaking through the creek, under the fence into my neighbor's yard, climbing up the hill of the canyon to the road, and then scouting out the enemy territory to find the flag.  Can't remember if I succeeded or not, but I remember the feeling of bravery as I performed the precarious mission!  

I remember Kick the Can...again, in the dark.  Maybe not such a good idea because of the one time my brother and I headed toward the can at the same time, facing one another at full speed, neither one wanting to give in to the other!  Yeah. Pretty sure I blacked out.  I had a huge egg in the middle of my forehead from that one! 

I remember Sunday games of croquet and lawn darts and horseshoes.

All of these memories to be repeated this week with my own children. 

Although, it's fun to see them creating their own backyard memories:  playing soccer for hours, basketball, Bocci ball and swimming in the pool.  I'll enjoy watching those games this week as well.  


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