I Want to be Bored

When was the last time you were bored?

You know, that "I don't know what to do right now" feeling?

I was just browsing an antique store to pass the time.  I'm not usually into that kind of a thing.  But right now I'm in the middle of decorating our new back deck and just thought I'd pop in to get a few ideas.

I fell in love with that place!  Ideas just started to flow and I got all excited and giddy inside.

I thought, "I could stay here forever."  Sadly, I was only able to stay a few brief minutes.

I didn't make any purchases, I just allowed myself to dream and then planned for the next time I could go...maybe dragging my husband along with me!

On the way home I pondered on how it would be nice to be bored sometime.  What would I do if I were bored?  What ideas would flourish if I weren't rushing from one place to the next or planning the next thing ahead?  What inspiration would I receive...and then be able to follow?  What dreams would come to fruition?

When I walked into the house after my little escapade, I was surprised when my daughter welcomed me with, "Mom!  I was bored, so I made this!"  She revealed a piece of beautiful artwork she'd produced while I was gone.

A's Boredom Creation
You can't see but she has crumpled garbage glued in spots and a broken up peppermint candy as well.

If only I could be bored....


  1. I think that all the time! Boredom never lasts long for mommies.


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