I couldn't have asked for a better team than I had in leading this retreat.  I honestly can't see anything I would have changed .... other than more sisters to enjoy the weekend with!  Here are some highlights:

Can't wait to get on the road!!  The whole group (minus my toddler who insisted on being in the photo!

Two hours and lots of chattering later....We're HERE!!!
Such beautiful ladies!  :-)
Our location for  the weekend.  Indoors...

...and outdoors.  We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather!

The weekend kicked off with orientation and an introduction to the theme.
Our Mission:  To be a righteous influence in the world!

Followed by some fabulous team building exercises  we learned and discussed how putting our hands together builds a beautiful and unique quilt, experience, snowflake or world!  It's a beautiful thing when 27 women can use their unique gifts and personalities to solve problems, create laughter, and overcome insecurities together!  
Afterwards we had some free time.
Abby guided us in a wonderful DIY craft.  I love it! 

More beautiful women!  This was the early morning hiking group.  Yes, I'm in my pajamas....that's what happens when you get 4 hours of sleep!!  :-)   And because this wasn't Girls Camp, I didn't get a "talking to" for doing so!    

Not only did we see beautiful vistas, but we also shared a tender, prayerful moment in our own little "sacred grove."  
Following the hike and a delicious breakfast we had a beautiful devotional, "We are His Hands" given by Denise.  This woman has a heart of gold and can truly see the child of God in all she meets.  We had a lovely discussion and came away feeling uplifted and ready to truly be the hands of the Lord in all we do.

Flower arranging taught by Melissa came next.  This is what I came up with...I wish I'd gotten more photos of others' though because some women are truly talented in this area!  
Then, time to clean up and head home.  It was so great to see everyone kind of lingering...not quite ready to say their good-byes.  I also have to say something about the amazing food.  I wish I had pictures of my two favorite chefs, they did an amazing job and really pampered us!

Overall the weekend was fabulous and more than I could have even asked for.  I have to thank ALL who helped out because they made my job easy.  :-)  Also, gratitude goes to a loving Father in Heaven who guided and directed the whole event.  There were so many small miracles and lives touched to discredit Him with being involved.

"There is no sister so isolated and her sphere so narrow but what she can do a great deal toward establishing the Kingdom of God upon the earth."  
--Eliza R. Snow--


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