20 Seconds of Courage

So, I know I've been lamenting having a 12 year old for a few months now, but this weekend I caught a glimpse of just how FUN it's really going to be to have youth in the home. 

Just think back yourselves...12 years old, there's a cute girl/guy.  You're nervous as heck to even say hello to her/him.  There are a bunch of other kids in your Sunday School class, too, that you just don't normally hang out with, but church is fun.  You don't want to be the one to organize an activity oustide of class because, heaven forbid, "What if they don't like the idea?!!"  Or, "We've never mixed boys and girls before!!"  Meanwhile, the mother in the background is thinking, "What 12 year old doesn't want an excuse to hang out?"  With the opposite gender.  Right? 

It just so happens that last week we watched an awesome movie as a family: We Bought a ZooIt's fabulous!  In that movie there are many different relationships working themselves out.  One such relationship is between a 12 year old girl and 13 year old boy.  In trying to motivate his son, the father tells a story about how all it takes is 20 seconds of courage to get your dreams realized. 

20 seconds of courage.  Our new family motto for those difficult-to-do moments in our lives.  And it came into play this weekend as we encouraged our own son to take those 20 seconds.  Palms sweaty, cheeks flushed with unsurity of what to say exactly, JW made the phones calls to arrange for his church class to bake cupcakes for their Sunday School teacher (who recently had a birthday).  Really, it was just an excuse the mom of our beloved son used to get him to take those 20 seconds  (it worked!). 

So, as the kids all made the cupcakes and played some games in between, said mom (me!) could not help but smile and remember those oh-so-fun and challenging days of youth.  It's going to be a fun ride! 

Also, in those moments I realized that this is what I want to have time for.  This is what I, as the mother, want to be available for.  Creating those moments that will build confidence, strengthen relationships, and help my youth fulfill their dreams.  


  1. So fun! I'm glad he had courage!
    (What of those people who say homeschool kids have no social skills?!)


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