Birthday Weekend

B is turning 11 years old TODAY!  I've had a hard time with my boys getting older.  They seem to get trickier.  I hear it's the other way around, but for me the boys becoming older hasn't been my favorite. 

She's the one in purple!  Wizard of Oz play with Homelink
However, I'm starting to really love that my girls are getting older.  They're not quite at the friends stage, but I can envision it coming on.  For instance, last week I had a really tough day where I just felt like crying.  I expressed this feeling to my daughters both who proceeded to lay by me on the porch and tell me that they knew exactly how I felt.  It was so sweet and comforting. 

Then my boy came over and was like, "Hey, what's up?" 
"Nothing.  Just feel like crying."
"Oh.  K.  ...  See you later." 

I laughed. 

Anway, B has especially started to really mature and I can see her becoming a young woman.  This year it has been a lot of fun watching her perform in various plays.  She has such a great talent for the arts.  The way she takes care of her younger siblings is amazing.  She doesn't ever put them down or make them seem younger than herself.  She treats them with respect.  I like that.  She's also taken off with her learning as well.  She's more focussed and has a desire for learning lots of things.  So, those days of going to bed each night wondering what I was going to do with that child the next day are now just nastolgic memories I cherish.  :-)

And he's already walking (our earliest by far).
It has been a really good year with him.  Motherhood has taken on a while new meaning for me because of him.  He's quite the happy boy and we're so excited to watch as his personality develops this next year.  They change so much from 1 to 2. 

So, Happy Birthday, my little ones. 
 Some days I wish it were your last so you could stay young and with me forever.  :-)


  1. Oh, the differences between boys and girls!
    B and D are great (as well as the rest of your kids!)
    B is growing up so quick. I can still remember you potty training her and then last weekend she babysat our kids and it's so great!
    Happy birthday to them!
    Also, I didn't know she was in that play.... I would have liked to try and go. =)


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