Teaching Children About Money: Pt. 1

So last week my hubby and I taught a class on teaching children about money.  I thought it might be useful information for others who weren't there as well!  So, this week is going to be devoted to only that.  As we studied for this class we realized there are so many mehods, philosophies, ideas and opinions about this topic that there is no possible way to cover it all!   We also believe the quote, "I teach them correct principles, and they govern themselves" as was said by Joseph Smith to a member of Legislature. 

And so, with that said, we found THREE PRINCIPLES that we believe if children learn they will govern themselves well with regards to money.  Each day will be a new principle and then Friday will be a list of books and some ideas on how to implement the principles.

Principle #1:  WORK
Usually when we hear the word work we think of words like: tired, complaining, hard, busy, neverending, etc.  However, when we think about the blessings of work we would list things such as:  accomplishment, self-confidence, money, strength, knowledge, health, etc.  So, it's funny to me that our first reaction to work is one of negativity.  And, when we think about the blessings, I have to ask why we would want to deprive our children of so many great things! 

In 2 Nephi 5:17, 27 we read, "And it came to pass that I, Nephi, did cause my people to be industrious, and to labor with their hands....And it came to pass that we lived after hte manner of happiness." 

It is important that we teach our children that work is a principle of the Lord that leads us to living "after the manner of happiness."

I love the following story:
A traveler passed a stone quarry and saw three men working. He asked each man what he was doing. Each man’s answer revealed a different attitude toward the same job. “I am cutting stone,” the first man answered. The second replied, “I am earning three gold pieces per day.” The third man smiled and said, “I am helping to build a house of God.”

In having our children help us out around the home, it's important that they not feel as though they are "unvalued, un-consulted employees or like pawns on a chessboard" (Linda & Richard Eyre, The Entitlement Trap).  By teaching them that we are building a house of God, we are teaching them to value the work that they do. 


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