A Very Merry Un-Birthday to Me!!

I had the happiest surprise tonight.

It's 9:00p.m.  All the kids are getting into bed.  I'm winding down.  And there's a knock at the door.

There's a friend with a plate of cookies wishing me a happy birthday! 

Note:  It's not my birthday.

Then it dawns on me...The Relief Society Bulletin!  Yup.  It was printed wrong.  Right day.  Wrong month.

We laughed.  I said thank you.  And I displayed the card!

20 minutes later.  Another knock on the door.  Sweet friend holding flowers...having remembered "late" that it's my birthday!

Okay...so what really is the right thing to do!?!  I felt so bad telling these sweet friends that it was not my "real" birthday because they'd obviously "forgotten" throughout the day and made a late-night run to make or buy me these wonderful things...and then to find out it's not my birthday!  I really could have just said, "Thank you."  But then what happens when the September bulletin comes out and there's my birthday again?  Right? 

So, I was very grateful.  I felt very loved today.  And it's interesting because both "Birthday Wishes" were a direct answer to my prayers.   It was a happy day, birthday or not.  And friendship really doesn't only matter on those special days.  Every day I'd love to take someone cookies and say, "Happy Day!  YOU are reason to celebrate." 

So...for all those NOT celebrating a birthday today...

HAPPY UN-BIRTHDAY!  Celebrate anyway.  :-) 


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