Make History Come to Life

With all the birthday celebrations, we did sqeeze in some Memorial Day fun in there as well. 

While driving around town we noticed there were these plaques on certain street corners.  I was reminded of a recent conversation where an old-timer here told me that the streets of Richland are named after war generals, or important figures in our American wars.  So, as we drove we stopped at a few.  Little did we know that we lived on a street named after Horatio Wright, a general in the Civil War!  A piece of history right at home.

Awhile back I went to a homeschool conference where one presenter talked about how to make history come to life.  Her main point was: Start where you live.  Find a plaque or a monument or something in your own city that tells a part of history.  Read it.  Read about it.  Research if it's actually true.  This will make history come to life for your kids as they realize they life just where famous people in history actually walked.  It's pretty cool! 

So, for today, this was our little mini history lesson...The Streets of Richland.

Happy (belated) Memorial Day
Thank You to All Those
Serving for Our Country!


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