Going Through Firsts

A friend recently asked, "How many seconds are in a year?" 
I responded, "Do you mean seconds like time, or seconds like, second helpings of dessert?  (we were eating dessert at the time)."
  Answer to her question?  You tell me.

Anyway, I bring that all in to say that D. has been going through another spurt of FIRSTS!  How many FIRSTS are in a year (of a baby's life)?  Yes...He'll be one year in just 2 1/2 weeks! 

He's been walking further and further each day now.  But today he expressed his very first, very real opinion (independence starts so young these days!).  

He was in a baby swing at the park, but when JL went to take him out he hung onto that swing for dear life, tensed up and screamed!  It was the funniest thing.  I had JL try a couple of times just to laugh at my very cute boy.  Sadly, I have NOT been taking many pictures of this child (sorry, #6). 

And though there is some excitement over his firsts, I have to also say he is entering my least favorite of ALL stages!  12 to 18 Months!  He wants down and then wants up.  He wants to walk, but can't quite walk.  He eats dog food.  He thinks it's funny to throw his food on the floor instead of eat it.  At church...well, you all know how still a 12 month old can sit!! 

So, for now I just try to laugh at the funny stuff...like the expression of his opinions...and grit my teeth through the other. 


  1. Church is so hard with starter-toddlers! I call it the three hour wrestle. I guess at least my arms get a good workout.
    I should really be counting down the days to nursery (end of July! Whoop. Whoop!)

    A guy in our ward took his baby into the custodian closet on Sunday after Sacrament meeting. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was going into the "father's lounge". I guess that's a nice, quiet place to get a baby to sleep. Ha.

  2. This made me tired just reading it! Your great! I wish I could go to the park with you!


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