No Fear

I. Hate. Spiders. 

I am TERRIFIED of spiders.

We had an interesting discussion the other night with the family.  My husband really has no fears.  We (he) couldn't think of one thing that he's afraid of.  There are things he said he doesn't like to do...but there's really nothing that he's scared of or that is too hard for him to do. 

While hiking up the mountain with the boys last week, we talked about doing hard things.  Each of them came up with something they would do that might be hard for them.  Things such as talking to a girl or working harder on their language studies.  

I committed I would kill a spider.  But...

I can't. 

I tried the other day and completely freaked out!  I just got so tense.  And i screamed.  I couldn't do it.  JW got it all on video!  Today there was another opportunity and I didn't even try.  My 4 year old was eager to get him, though, after which he asked, "Do I get some money?"  (Yes, I pay my kids to kill spiders for me). 

I've done some really hard things lately which has given me the greater desire to conquer more challenges.  I don't know if I'll ever get this one down!!  So, that's my hard thing challenge.  Getting up the gumption to kill a spider.  What's your hard thing challenge right now? 


  1. Honestly, saying no to things that keep me too busy. There are just too many great things to do.
    Going to bed earlier is something I'm sure I will constantly struggle with too.
    When will you post the video? ;)

  2. Choosing good better best, is always a constant struggle for me!


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