Out of Gas

Today I ran out of gas. 

I have never run out of gas before. My husband has lost of  running-out-of-gas stories. Not me. 

It's a weird feeling when the car just stops working.  You have no clue what is going on.  And then it dawns on you,  "Oh, yeah, I've been on empty for awhile now."  Dumb!

Can I just tell you that it was all PERFECT timing.  Some days things just work out that way.  So, I drop one son off at class and then head back home to pick up another son to take to his class (15 minutes away on the freeway).  Halfway home, the car dies.  I have time to pull to the side of the road, thankful that it didn't happen on the way to the other class.  Blessing #1.

I get out and start jogging home (in flip flops, carrying my purse...not the greatest jogging attire).  Just then a friend drives by the other direction taking her kids to school.  She immediately turns around and takes me home.  Blessing #2.

Thankfully this friend continues to help me until my own car is functioning once again.  And as we sit there putting a couple of gallons of gas in my van we feel so empowered that we're doing something like this without the help of our husbands! 

Do you ever get that way, where you rely on your husbands for things that you really could do yourself?  I do.  It might just be an excuse to procrastinate.  It might be that I think he should do it.  It might really be that I don't have enough confidence to figure it out on my own.  All of these reasons do come into play.  But today I didn't fall back on any of them....

...because my husband is out of town.  But still...I felt good. 

So, a disaster proven to be a great learning experience.  It could've been worse.



  1. I'm glad it was 'convenient' to run out of gas just then and even more glad that a friend helped you out. That must be one of the benefits of driving a van that's easy to recognize. ;)
    PS. The book in the previous post is now on hold for me at the library.


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