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Years ago I read about how to manage my time as a young mother.  The author stated that to be sure we didn't feel like all we did was housework we could set a time for ourselves to be done.  So, my time became 11:00 a.m.  I would get all my housework (cleaning) done by 11:00 and use the rest of the day for other stuff (usually lots of reading!).

This was very helpful for me with three small children when it felt like all I did was clean up messes!  However, lately things have shifted.  I think that 11:00 time has been more limiting and debilitating than helpful.  For instance, if I'm running around with activities in the morning and get home after that time...well, so much for cleaning that day, "My time is up.  No cleaning today."  With a house full of people, that just doesn't seem to work!  Or if I have a couple of hours open in the afternoon I don't use it to make appointments or clean because "this is MY time now."  Thus, procrastination takes a hold of me.  :-)

So, lately, whenever I start to get a bit annoyed with the seemingly endless tasks around the home I've been asking myself, "What else would I be doing right now?"  Yes, I have a stack of books I'd love to be reading.  There are movies on my list that need to be watched.  Blogging is always a temptation.  Browsing the internet,  Facebook,  Pinterest, searching for more books to add to my stack online;  these things are always going to be there.  But, by asking this question I'm reminding myself that this is what I've chosen to be doing right now.  This is my time to shine in the home, to be with my children and to create an atmosphere of love, warmth and the spirit. 

Believe me, I still make time for the other stuff!  It's just done a little differently and more sparingly...just enough to give me a boost to get back to the real purpose of the life I'm living right now. 


  1. I always just have to finish the tasks a half hour before Andy gets home from work so I can rest a little and be happy when he comes in the door. Although if I rest too much, the kids destroy everything I cleaned up, so I guess that's why I do most cleaning at night....
    I keep reading a quote and thinking about it that asks, "Will your kids remember you as a cleaner or as a mom?" (I'm totally paraphrasing that. Can't remember the real quote now...)

  2. This reminds me of the talk I gave recently about sacrifice. All our choices involve some level of sacrifice. I like the thought that this is your "time to shine in the home". What a great thought! There is a time and season for everything!


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