6 Years?!?!?!

Okay.  So, I'm having a moment.

It's funny because a week or so ago my sister was saying how as her kids get closer to graduation it's sad to think of them leaving.  Well, being who I am I said, "I don't know that it will be as hard for me since I've had them around so much."  DUH!  My naivity scares me sometimes.  Because....

Tonight I went to Senior Honors Night for our ward at church.  Oh. My. Goodness.  None of these kids graduating are even MINE but tears kept magically appearing as I watched the slideshow, saw the parents so proud of their children, and then remembered I only have SIX MORE YEARS with my son.  SIX!  That is half as long than I've had him!  And then to think about the number of years I've had him times 2....I could be a grandma!!  (okay, maybe that's a bit of stretch, but....not too far distant!). 

It's nights like these where I think all the important questions...

"Did I teach him everything he needs to know?"

"How can I be sure my kids have such long lists of accomplishments at that age?"

"What pictures will I use?  What song will represent him?"

"Will he be making right choices six years from now?"

And then I think, "Well, I've already messed up for this long, might as well keep going!" 

So, I'm not utterly depressed, just slightly medatative about what all of this means.  A good reminder and need for an evaluation of how things are going. 

It reminds me of a conversation just this morning about what it means to nurture and how the "law of the harvest" doesn't only include planting seeds, nourishing and weeding...but also giving the "plants" time to grow.  Nurturing means focussing on the development, not the actions. 

So, in six more years my son will definitely not look like this:

But I pray his soul will be more fully developed as he turns into a young man and then into an adult.


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