I just went to see the local high school musical production of Honk!  this weekend.  So fabulous!  I went with my girls while the boys were away on a Father/Son campout.  I even got a babysitter for the baby so that I could thoroughly enjoy the event (I never get sitters anymore, it was kind of weird!). 

Anyway, I came away asking myself the question..."Who ever said we needed to be the same?"  Sometimes I think we try so hard to "fit the mold" (whatever the mold is!).  I loved the message in Honk! that we all are needed to make the "farm" interesting.  And really for it even to function, right?  I know we talk about this topic, but I wish we all could feel it. 

There is genius in each of us!  Genius...not just talent or differences or characteristics....GENIUS!  There is really only one way for ME to be JULIA....and for YOU to be YOU.  For me this is the true meaning of individual worth. 

I have two favorite books that remind me that it's okay to be ME...two books I could read over and over and over again and of which I never tire.

Image from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:The_Big_Orange_Splot.png
Thanks, Jess for this one!! It's about a guy who lives in a neighborhood where all of the houses are the same...until his is found with an orange splot.  Suddenly, after the shock is over, everyone is trying to see just how creative their homes can be!

Image from http://www.educationworld.com/a_books/books055.shtml
This one is just like it sounds...One goose just can't seem to do anything "right." And yet, he proves to be the happiest duck in the pond! 

Get them.
Read them.
Believe them! 

YOU are a GENIUS at being YOU!!


  1. That Orange Splot book was read in one of those Stake RS Conference classes. I'd never read it before, but I LOVE it.
    I'll have to check the other one out.
    It sounds like that play was terrific! I'm so glad.


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